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Virtual White Elephant Gift Exchange

Click the button above to download the instructions

Click the button above to download the presentation

Need help modifying the presentation? Watch this video!

White Elephant Gift Exchange instructions.

  1. Determine the upper limit of gifts from all participants. Many people set a price point of up to $20 or $25. Remind participants that items will need to be shipped, mailed, or dropped off at winner’s homes. Alternatively, a no-cost gift exchange can be done where people exchange letters of appreciation, favors, or items in giftable condition from your own homes that can be mailed or otherwise exchanged.

  2. One person shall be designated to put the slideshow together and input the gifts. This person will be the last to choose a gift. Alternatively, two different groups can swap the PowerPoint chore. In this way, a non-participant sets up the PowerPoint, so nobody knows what gift is where.

  3. In PowerPoint, on the even-numbered slides (2, 4, 6…) triple click the text in the center of the screen and type in a gift. Do not write the gift givers name – that is a secret!

  4. On the main table, select and delete and unneeded gift slots. For example, if you have 10 participants, you should delete the boxes that say ‘gift 11’ through ‘gift 25’

  5. Put all the participant names into a random list generator (such as this one: to determine the order in which people get to pick gifts.

  6. Present the PowerPoint through your video conferencing medium of choice. Task one participant with writing down who gets which gift.

  7. As gifts are selected, be sure to use the ‘go back’ button so you do not reveal gifts that have not been picked!


Note: Gifts that have been picked will be a slightly different color text


A participant picks a gift

The next person can steal any open gift or pick a new gift

Remember: gifts can only be stolen once per round! (unless otherwise agreed upon)


Be sure to update the ‘who has which gift’ list at the end of each round!


Want to keep all the gifts a surprise? Contact with the list of gifts and the list of names. For a small donation, I will assemble the PowerPoint for you and your family!


December 14, 2020: Absolute EHS appeared on WENY to discuss the White Elephant Gift Exchange.

December 5th Virtual Gingerbread House Build to benefit Habitat for Humanity


December 5, 2020: Absolute EHS was proud to volunteer, sponsor, and participate in the Habitat for Humanity Gingerbread House competition!

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