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COVID-19 Preparedness

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Things to Do!

Holidays During a Pandemic



COVID-19 Work

In the Media





A list of activities to do at home while isolated or quarantined by yourself or with your family. 

Articles and PSAs relating to work done by Absolute EHS in the media

This calculator was designed to help people and families assess the risk of forming a quaranteam (when two or more household units interact frequently  and with relaxed safety measures with respect to COVID-19).

YouTube videos, webinars, and a collaboration with the Tompkins County Health Department that break down topics of interest with respect to safety and COVID-19.

Absolute EHS Podcast episodes that delve into how COVID-19 has changed and affected people from various backgrounds and with various expertise.

Absolute EHS health and safety documents and worksheets to do at home, including the degrees of separation exercise. 

Creative solutions for our most beloved holidays.

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