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Join Absolute EHS as we learn about Dave Wolovsky, a Relationship Coach with an MS in Neuroscience and Education. He specializes in the "inner game" of relationships, working with individuals to improve their professional relationships.

Join Absolute EHS as we speak with Natoisha Spruill about the effects of COVID-19 on the current climate contributing to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. We discuss healthcare, socioeconomics, parenting, the military, and everything in between.

Around 29 minutes, the conversation turns to BLM v. Memorial Day weekend and why COVID didn’t seem to be linked to BLM protests. These podcasts are meant to showcase the guest speaker which is why Sam did not elaborate on her thoughts on the matter.  

Join Absolute EHS as we learn about our guest, Alyssa Duerksen, a sound healer, translator of the spirit realm and psychic intuitive who guides people through transitions in life. She honors ancient healing techniques and has been taught practices that have been passed down through various indigenous lineages, as well as new spiritual tools that she channels directly from her spirit guides which help anchor her clients more authentically in their truth. Through this process her clients are inspired to discover their inner magic and to find their true purpose on the planet at this time.

Join Absolute EHS as we discover the changes coming to the college admissions process, how the future looks for high school, college, and graduate students, and what students should do during this time.

Lucia Tyler is the owner of and works with students near and far in finding a great fit for school, determining how to get in, and evaluating their personal and familial needs.

Join Absolute EHS as we learn all about coronaviruses, bacteria, and other germs with Dr. Lucy Perrotta, a neonatologist. We will discuss these diseases and how they affect pregnant women, new moms, and babies.

Note: A technical difficulty cut off part of Dr. Perrotta’s background. She is a neonatologist, which is a sub-specialty of pediatrics. Dr. Perrotta was part of the first group of doctors to be board certified in this sub-specialty.

Join Absolute EHS as we discuss the importance of continuing to socially distance and isolate despite our inherent need to be social creatures with Dr. Jean* who works as a social psychologist in public health*. As Dr. Jean says, PHYSICALLY isolating is different from SOCIALLY isolating. That is a key to her success.

*Full name and employer name withheld intentionally.

What is your stay at home story?


Absolute EHS covered a different type of front line worker in this audio-only podcast. Lauren* has been working in the sex industry for years and has used those proceeds to pay for nursing school and supplement her income from her home healthcare job. Once the pandemic struck New York, the sex industry became flooded, her home healthcare hours were slashed, and her nursing degree went from in-person to online education with no perceptible plan. Join me and hear her story.

PPE and Policy Procedures for Medical First Responders: Guest Speaker Lt. Andrew Haber

How to Stay Positive: Guest Speaker Debra DeLorenzo of Positive Psychology Life Coaching

Join Absolute EHS as we learn about Ann Lapin's experience surviving COVID-19.

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