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June 5, 2020: Letter from the Owner

Absolute EHS believes it is time to speak up.

My name is Samantha Lushtak and I am the owner of Absolute EHS. The regard for safety during this pandemic is lukewarm at best but we have another pandemic to fight as well. This sole proprietor, woman-owned business wants to make two things abundantly clear.

  1. Black Lives Matter.

  • Absolute EHS is offering complementary consults to all peaceful protesters who ask – we need to social distance while making our voices heard. We also need to be prepared in case violence and rioting is incited. Though, as a safety professional, I encourage you to socially isolate as much as possible, should you choose to go out you should understand that measures can still be taken to protect you from the virus. Absolute EHS is always available to assist peaceful protesters with safety concerns.

  • Absolute EHS has now extended its small business COVID-19 discount rates to active threat protocols and implementation.

     2. The COVID-19 pandemic is still here and, frankly, we do not know whether we have seen the worst of it.

  • Absolute EHS understands that this is a financially difficult time for everyone, therefore, in January, we lowered our rates for any service having to do with COVID-19.

  • Personal consults on disinfecting, re-entering the home, and use and care of personal protective equipment (PPE), will continue to be complementary with an option to donate.


We were all shaken by the murder of George Floyd, one of the latest names in a series of unjust killings. Though unjust brutality is the current issue of focus, the Black Lives Matter movement is about more than apparent anarchy – it is about giving a voice and equality to those who have been suppressed historically and presently. Moving forward and through the end of 2021, Absolute EHS will donate 10% of all net profits from each contracted client directly to Black Lives Matter (BLM). Additionally, as a proud affiliate of Business Leaders of Colors (BLOC), based in Ithaca, NY, I have extended further discounting to BLOC members with respect to their COVID-19 and their active threat concerns.

As a small business owner, I understand that taking a strong political stance may result in a potential loss of business. However, I am committed to doing the best work I can for not just for my clients but also for my community. Safety has been, and always will be, my passion and my first priority –environmental, health and safety work is an integral part of who I am and what this company is based on.

Though the latest tragedies cannot and should not be ignored, we also cannot forget that we are almost six months into a worldwide pandemic which, though known, was not addressed in a timely manner. Absolute EHS was and is proud to support other small businesses, and the community, with deeply reduced rates for any work they might need with respect to public safety in addition to the ongoing complementary consultations for residential and personal safety reviews as they relate to COVID-19 and active threats. Free webinars, YouTube videos, support documents, and other support materials are all posted on our website. Absolute EHS is of the mindset that people matter more than profits and so a huge amount of the COVID-19 related content is available for no charge (donations accepted) on my website, YouTube, and Patreon.

Absolute EHS is happy to assist in all Environmental, Health and Safety needs locally, nationwide, and globally.

United We Stand.

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