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November 9, 2020


Thanksgiving Turkey Fill-Up!

Object of the Game: Be the first to fill in your turkey’s feathers

Supplies: M&Ms, Skittles, or alternate counters such as beans or coins, a die or dreidel, and one turkey print-out per player

note: the 8-feather turkey is great for a longer and more competitive game while the 4-feather turkey is better for small children

* don’t have a die or dreidel? Search for one on the internet, (die) or google ‘spin a dreidel’ to find a free one



For families and small children:

Take turns rolling the die/spinning the dreidel and put a counter on the white dots in the corresponding Turkey feathers according to this chart



For Adults or those who want more competition:

3…2…1…. GO!

Everyone plays as quickly as they can. Whoever fills their turkey first wins!


Make the game your own! Change what each roll of the die does if you would like. Alternate ideas include:

Roll the number 5 and tell us something you are thankful for

Roll the number 2 and pick someone to have a cookie eating contest with

Spin a shin twice in a row and steal someone else’s yellow candy!

rules chart.png
Absolute EHS 4 feather turkey game.jpg

Click here to download the game!

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