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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has officially stated that traditional trick-or-treating is a high-risk activity. Absolute EHS provides custom solutions, this one is offered at no cost to children and their caregivers, though donations are appreciated to keep these offerings afloat.


If you would like assistance setting up holiday plans that are safe and compliant, please reach out.


This year consider Reverse-Trick-or-Treating. Instead of going door to door on Halloween night, fighting crowds, and potentially exposing individual households to an onslaught of small sticky hands and germs, consider making pre-bagged Halloween treats, dressing up, and delivering these items to mailboxes for the households to enjoy. By pre-bagging goodies at least a week in advance, and packaging them in a paper bag, the recipients can be confident that quarantining their treats for the same amount of time as they quarantine their mail will be sufficient in reducing their risk this Halloween.


  1. Put treats into individual paper bags or otherwise compile them at least one week in advance. Bags of candy to be distributed can remain packaged until they need to be opened for delivery directly from bulk bag to mailbox.

  2. If a bag of treats is compiled, staple the bag shut and affix the tag below. Be sure to fill out the ‘packaged on’ and ‘delivered’ dates so your recipient knows if they need to quarantine the items. Remember: the further in advanced you package your treats, the less wait time your recipient will need before digging in!

  3. Dress up and distribute your goodies! Be sure to wear a mask and bring hand sanitizer with you. Use your sanitizer before touching mailboxes and goodie bags and after each delivery. Be sure to use soap and water as soon as possible whenever you have the opportunity too!

Do not forget to wear your mask (CDC approved mask, a Halloween mask does not filter COVID-19) and maintain a minimum of 6 foot distances between people who do not reside in the same residence!

Remember: Halloween is on a Saturday this year, pick a day and time when your neighborhood is usually inside or out and about to avoid running into crowds. 

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Click here for free printable Reverse Trick-or-Treat bag tags! --> 

Sam was interviewed by Cody Taylor of WENY News about her Reverse Trick-or-Treating plan for this pandemic Halloween. Click the WENY icon to view the video

October 6, 2020

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